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Nike and Warren Lotas Have Finally Reached a Confidential Settlement

warren lotas dunks
via @theloopjc

They’ve been locked in a high-profile legal stoush , but it looks like Nike’s trademark infringement lawsuit against Warren Lotas has finally come to an end. According to reports, Team Swoosh and the LA-based designer have reached a confidential settlement agreement.

While details surrounding the settlement are still unclear, it has been confirmed that the court will uphold that Nike’s trademarks around the SB Dunk Low are enforceable, which will order Lotas to refrain from selling his Dunk-like custom sneakers.

Taking to social media, Lotas has revealed that he will continue to sell the replacement Reaper shoe, sharing an aptly-named ‘Clean Slate’ colourway.

‘I plan to walk you all through the process of making these so theres complete transparency in what goes into each pair,’ he said.

The Reaper was created to give customers whod pre-ordered his ‘banned’ shoes a replacement. While it shares less similarities to the Dunk than his previous creations, Nike still attempted to stop him from selling them.

, Lotas has stated that he’s processed 29,000 refunds for his Staple x WL Pigeon and WL Broccolini sneakers, with each pair retailing for $300, and also credited an additional 7,000 pre-orders to be replaced with the Reaper. That equates to approximately 36,000 total orders, bringing the total gross figure to about $10,800,000!


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