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Nike and Sneaker Boutiques 'Give Fresh Air' Back to the Community

Nike Air Max Day Give Fresh Air Main LogoNike Air Max Day Give Fresh Air Main Logo

The lead-up to is always filled with anticipation, as we count down to the typically stacked release rollout from Beaverton. However, not all sneakerheads are fortunate enough to be able to cop what they want — or cop anything at all. So, with that in mind, are teaming up with boutique retailers to ‘Give Fresh Air’ to the community.

The ‘Give Fresh Air’ campaign aims to inspire change and help the community through a shared love for sneakers. Sneakerheads will be able to donate new and slightly used sneakers to a comprehensive list of locations across the US, with pairs distributed to those less fortunate. The initiative has already kicked off and run until April 13, with most boutiques accepting donations until March 26 or 28.

Check out the dates below, and show your care with some Air:

● Undefeated (LA) 3.24-3.26
● Bows and Arrows (Bay Area) 3.18-3.26
● Laced (LA) 3.18-3.26
● Likelihood (Seattle) 3.18-3.26
● Sneakersnstuff (LA) 3.26-3.28
● Bait (San Diego) 3.18-3.26
● Saint Alfred (Chicago) 3.23-3.26
● Xhibition (Shaker Heights) 3.23-3.26
● Sneaker Politics (New Orleans) 3.23-3.26
● Oneness (Louisville) 3.23-3.26
● Livestock (Toronto) 3.18-4.5
● Ubiq (Philadelphia) 3.18-4.5
● Ubiq (DC) 3.18-4.5
● Kith (Soho) 3.21-3.26
● Kith (Brooklyn) 3.21-3.26
● Concepts (NYC) 3.18-3.31
● A Ma Maniere (Atlanta) 3.18-3.26
● Social Status (Charlotte) 3.18-3.26

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