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Nike and Converse Sue 600 Counterfeit Sneaker Websites

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Nike and Converse are keeping their lawyers busy with the latest round of lawsuits filed against hundreds of websites selling counterfeit sneakers branded as the real deal. 589 websites and 676 social media accounts have been accused by the two sportswear giants of infringing copyright and using their iconic trademarks to sell ‘falsely labelled’ fake products, which in turn has allowed these counterfeiters to profit illegitimately. The two companies filed their lawsuit on January 12 via the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

‘To ensure that consumers make the association between defendants’ counterfeit products and the genuine Nike Products from which they were copied, defendants not only copy the designs, patterns and colour schemes associated with [Nike and Converse] products, but also expressly identify the counterfeit products as Nike or Converse products. Further, defendants make unauthorized use of plaintiffs’ marks, including the trademark-protected Nike and Converse names, throughout the infringing websites and infringing social media on which these goods are advertised or offered for sale to consumers in the United States and this District,’ read a part of the lawsuit.

It’s not the first time the Swoosh has sought to protect its products. Most recently, Warren Lotas was pursued through the courts for his ‘Pigeon’ sneakers that Nike believed were in clear violation of their trademarks.


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