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Nike and adidas Urged to Improve Manufacturing Sites in Asia

China Nike Adidas Sneaker Freaker Copy

and are being urged to reconsider their manufacturing conditions in Asia. Both brands have been criticised for moving their operations from China to Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam, where labour costs have plummeted.

'The share of production costs of Nike and adidas shoes that ends up in a worker’s pocket is now a staggering 30 per cent less than the early 1990s,' the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) said in a statement.

A large portion of adidas and Nike sportswear is manufactured in Indonesia, where women make up around 80 per cent of the workforce. According to the CCC’s report, workers are making as little as $102 a month, with some factories failing to meet legal minimum wage requirements.

A Nike spokesman issued a statement in response, claiming strong ties to local governments, NGOs and unions.

“We remain invested in conversations with governments, manufacturers, NGOs, brands, unions, and factory workers to support long-lasting, systemic change.”

Nike and adidas are kitting out 22 of 32 teams at the World Cup.

In other World Cup happenings, after global economic sanctions were imposed.

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