Nike Air Presto 'Triple Pink'
Nike Air Presto 'Triple Pink'

The Nike Air Presto Goes All Out in ‘Triple Pink’

You could say that the year so far has been a rather memorable one for the Nike Air Presto. The model is no stranger to epic bringbacks – this year there was the iconic Hello Kitty Air Presto retro, and rewinding it a little further back was the Aus Presto return in 2020.

On the GR front, earlier this year the eye-catching ‘Tennis Ball’ arrived, a pair drenched all over in volt green! Now sticking to that similar formula is the latest colourway from the Swoosh but in triple pink! The previous tonal pair was contrasted by black Swooshes and outsoles, and now the ‘Triple Pink’ is taking it up a notch with the hot pink shade taking over the entire silhouette from the uppers to the soles, laces and cage overlays. Peering inside the shoe you'll see a little bit of white which strikes the insoles, with a marking reading 'Engineered for all day everyday comfort’.

There’s currently no release date for the Nike Air Presto ‘Triple Pink’, but you can expect them to release sometime this year, following the release of these official images. They'll be priced at $130.

In the meantime, keep up to date with all Nike Air Presto news over here. And click the link below to shop all the latest available on Nike’s webstore!

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