Nike Air Presto DZ4390-400
Nike Air Presto DZ4390-400
ACRONYM x Nike Air Presto Mid

Does This Nike Air Presto Remind You of Anything?

Sneaker collaborations often introduce colour combinations that aren’t conceived in-house, which gives the footwear brand some new ideas to draw from for later use. Sometimes this means a previously used colourway is straight-up recycled, which this Nike Air Presto almost does. For those a little newer to the game, these kicks do bear more than a passing resemblance to the ACRONYM collaboration from 2018.

The comparisons are drawn because of the striking pink, blue, black, and neon green palette that features on both this upcoming GR and the previous ACRONYM effort. To Nike’s credit, they’ve shuffled the colour placement on each panel, swapping the pink and blue around so the former is used on the tongue and the latter on the toe box. This stark contrast is offset by the black external lace cage and toe and heel bumpers, as opposed to the colab’s patterned finish. Neon yellow shows up on the lining for an additional pop of colour.

So, in all fairness this is a new colourway that can be considered something of a reference or homage. Using old terminology, this could be called the ‘Un-ACRONYM’ or even the ‘Reverse ACRONYM’. Either way, this pair holds its own and should be hitting Nike retailers in coming months.

Nike Air Presto DZ4390-400
Now ReadingDoes This Nike Air Presto Remind You of Anything?

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