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Nike Air Max 95 Pursuit Backpack

Nike Am95 Pursuit Back Pack 3Nike Am95 Pursuit Back Pack 3
Nike Am95 Pursuit Back Pack 2
Nike Am95 Pursuit Back Pack 1

Combos, combos, combos. Life is a game of combos! Lucky for all the punters, Nike just made that complementary step that little bit easier for you, introducing the Pursuit Backpack. Stylised in true AM95 fashion, no other information really exists about it just yet; no word on how many litres it can hold, how many pockets it has or even if the bubbled arm straps are filled to 25 PSI or not!? What we can tell you; it should be wipe cleaned only, it's €110.00 and it's available right now at Irish retailer Littlewoods.

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