A Second Nike Air Max 95 'Air Sprung' Comes Out to Play

If the news of Nike's Air Max 95 'Air Sprung' piqued your interest, get ready for even more excitement as they're adding another colourway to the mix. Recently it was announced that the AM95 would be taking on 'Move to Zero' duties, which sees the chosen sneakers decked out in recyled materials.

The shoe's makeup comes in a combination of textural panels, with pink, aqua and a duo of greys being the predominate colours. Light gold detailing can also be seen across the shoe, but the real highlight here is the embroidery. You'll find embroidered caterpillar and butterfly motifs on 'Air Sprung' tongue tabs.

Moving down below you'll find a pleasant surprise – mushrooms! You won't have to go and hunt for them in the field, when you're wearing these they'll be following you everywhere you go.

There's currently no release date set for this silhouette, however knowing that there are now two pairs in the 'Air Sprung' drop will make the wait even more worth while.

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