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Nike 6.0 Aquafrolics Video

Aquafrolics is the latest movie from Nike 6.0, charting the harebrained heroics of the 6.0 waterkate team. It makes for pretty sensational viewing... check out the official mini-site here to watch it online or download it to your iPod.

Sweat, stamped passports, and stacked sessions—such were the makings of Nike 6.0’s groundbreaking first wakeskate team movie. Aquafrolics captures the travels, travails, and progression-fueled fun had by the talented 6.0 teamriders over the past year. The crew—Nick Taylor, Ben Horan, Matt Manzari, and Andrew Pastura—joined forces with innovative filmer Matt Staker to push the envelope on both riding and filming techniques. From winching rivers in the Philippines, to countless hours behind the Sea-Doo, and never-before landed tricks at Ben’s homemade backyard pond, not to mention all the impromptu roadtrips and camera-angle experimentation—Aquafrolics is packed with insane action and sheer love of the sport.

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