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Nike Air Challenge Huarache 1
Nike Air Huarache International Wmns 1
Nike Air Supreme Court Low 1
Nike Air Trainer Accel Mid 93 1
Nike System Ultra 1
,Nike Aqua Sock 1
Nike Caldera 1
Nike Air Bohemiam Ii 1

Nike 1993 - Museum Recap

In what many consider the golden year of hip hop, we turn the clock back to '93 and check out what Nike had to offer that year. With cross-training really coming to the forefront, loads of earth toned hikers were hitting the streets, but nothing could outdo the chunky topped basketball boots that were funking the dunk. Add to that an early shout out to the Nike Hybrid with an Air Tech Challenge Huarache, you had one killer year of releases. Check out all the mack daddy '90s goodness at our Sneaker Freaker Museum. With over 7000 sneakers, you won't be bored these holidays!

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