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Vintage Salomon Up for Grabs in Nicole McLaughlin x eBay Auction for Earth Month

Nicole McLaughlin eBay Salomon
Nicole McLaughlin eBay Salomon
Nicole McLaughlin eBay Salomon

Renowned upcycler Nicole McLaughlin has partnered with eBay for Earth Month and is auctioning a number of customised, one-of-one items with proceeds going to The Or Foundation. Up first for sale is a vintage pair of Salomon snow clogs made utilitarian with some signature McLaughlin additions.

The clogs – while perfectly usable as is – have deeply spiked tread which is perfect for latching on straps attached to large storage pouches atop the vamps. Thanks to the non-permanent fixture, the lucky owner can chop and change the way they wear or display these shoes. Accompanying the ‘mons is a carry pouch fashioned from old tent materials, and it’s generously sized to carry daily essentials.

The Or Foundation is an organisation targeting environmental justice, education and development using fashion as a vehicle for change. 100 per cent of the proceeds from the eBay auctions will go towards the foundation, in this case specifically for Stop AAPI Hate.

Bidding has just opened up and will end on April 11. With 30 bids already made at time of writing, this one-of-one item will definitely be hotly contested right until the finish. And if this pair of size 10s doesn’t fit the bill, there will be more items being listed in coming weeks.

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