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Nic Galway Speaks on How Kanye Stretched His Comfort Zone

Nic Galway Kanye 1Nic Galway Kanye 1

detractors are quick to shoot down his design chops and opine that he’s just a figurehead for the brand. They’re wrong. Ye’s commitment to design is well documented, but VP of global design has gone on record to cement how involved Ye is in the conceptz

‘From the outside, people may be a bit sceptical; they wonder what these collaborations really are, Galway told WWD in a recent interview. ‘But I can tell you, Kanye was on the phone with me pretty much every day, sending me sketches. And I’d send them back. We’d sit on the floor and make things together, and that’s a real collaboration.’

Galway went on to say that Kanye forced him out of his comfort zone with the Yeezy design. ‘[Kanye] used to say to me, “you guys think you’re going all the way but, to me, you’re compromising,” and I thought it was great. All of us, we sit in our worlds, we have our comfort zones and they’re too short. You have to stretch yourself.’

, and Galways views on sneaker reselling are also covered. Watch the full interview below, and read our interview with Galway .

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