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New Snkr Frkr Tees 1
New Snkr Frkr Tees 1
New Snkr Frkr Tees 1

New Snkr Frkr Tees

The first tee features the notorious Sneaker Freaker logo with our new motto "The World's Greatest Boogazine" emblazed underneath. This t-shirt is true to its print, we know it and you know it, there isn't any other Boogazine in the world that competes. So let's let the world know it too!

The second t-shirt is one of our most exciting designs to date and takes inspiration from one of Jordan's most infamous mascots Spike Lee's Mars Blackmon. Teaming it up with punk rock gods The Misfits skull logo, comes one of Sneaker Freaker's best tees in history. Set to give our EKIN tee a run for it's money, this will garner you instant street cred all over the world. Fixie lovers, get your grind on with the super dope SNKR FRKR cycling cap a top Marsfit's head. Also available in red.

Get your fingers typing fast because these 3 tees are about to fly out the office at only $35 a pop. Rep your favourite magazine with pride!


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