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New Marsfits 3
New Marsfits 3
New Marsfits 3

New Marsfits!

Available in our shop right now, these two colourways are going to fly out the store, so get in while you can. Extra limited is the absolutely bananas yellow tee, so hit up the paypal and get the Satchel of Gravy disapproved Marsfit t-shirt now. While you're in the shop, you'll notice that our sell out red Marsfit t-shirt is back in effect, with a full size in the store now. The ever popular SNKRFRKR scarves make a welcome comeback, so get ready to warm up this blistering winter with our woolly wonder. If you're in the need for a good solid read, our Sneaker Freaker book is also back in stock and waiting to grace your coffee table or book shelf now!

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