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New Hayley Mei 4
New Hayley Mei 4
New Hayley Mei 4

New Hayley Mei

Hayley Mei is about to launch her next collection and it ain’t pretty! Her ‘anti-cute’ message strongly contests the ‘cute factor’ of other jewelery and the message comes through loud and clear. Down with cupcakes, tea and unicorns? They are for the faint of heart. For this collection, Hayley Mei drew inspiration from groupies. Not the kind you’re thinking of, but the super groupies of the past. Think ‘Almost Famous’ rather than the girls you might see with an access-all-areas pass these days. The signature piece pays homage to favourite muse, rebellious NYC model and the hottest thing to grace back stage Bebe Buell, melting hearts the world over.

The new line also includes remixed versions of old favourites such as Love Me Tender and State your name showcasing new colours, stainless steel and chunky chain. The Vegas collection also returns featuring casino chips and dice. Included is a collaborative piece with Ladie Poise, one of Australia’s most renowned female graff artists. Plus Aussie rapper A-Love jumps on board for Hayley Mei.

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