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New G-Shock G-Aviation

Casio America has announced that the new GW3000 G-Aviation G-Shock will be coming to US shores. The next step in the evolution of the G-Aviation range, the GW3000 comes in a chunkier casing, giving even more room for the cockpit inspired dials of the watch face to do their thing!

From the Press Release:
With the needs of pilots in mind, the new G-Aviation is fully equipped with centrifugal force resistant functions. It will maintain its measurement capability even under the heaviest centrifugal conditions like those experienced while air racing at 370km/hour with 12G gravity. By advancing hand designs for superior weight balance, the watch can still rotate at its maximum speed even when flying. Impeccably designed with toughness and technology, the G-Aviation also features Self-Charging, Tough Solar Power & Self–Adjusting, Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping technology, Tough Movement and the quadruple hybrid case structure for the ultimate in accuracy, strength and performance.

News via Casio America.

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