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New Donky Cargo Bike Offers A Heavy Rigid Ride

Bike couriers may soon start cutting into their car counterpart’s market, thanks to a new bicycle prototype invented by British industrial designer Ben Wilson. The 'Donky' bike is the latest effort from the man who has made a name for himself in the art world attempting to reinvent the (bike) wheel, but the Donky is his first bicycle project with mass production in its sights. The Donky bike’s design has a hefty cargo carrying capacity, with two detachable steel holders that rest the weight of luggage on the frame instead of the bike handle. Cargo can be held in place with bungee chords. The Donky suits couriers with more than a parcel to deliver; picnic goers who want to put on an elaborate spread; and even those who think their pets should discover the joys of a leisurely bike ride. The Donky bike is available now in green or black.

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