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This New Business Allows You To Rent Yeezys

There’s a new business that will actually allow you to rent Yeezys. LSWOP (short for ‘Luxury Swop’) is an upstart that capitalises on capital by providing a sneaker rental service.

The idea isn’t entirely novel – we’ve found pitches of Jordan rentals on sneaker forums as far back as 2013. And although that idea was met with a GIF of Steven Colbert laughing into his desk, a more sensible Redditor posited in a post earlier this year that such a service would be good for styling photo shoots or videos.

Complex tracked down the people behind the LSWOP for an interview where they outlined how they’ve been doing business. After requesting an invitation to become a member, you’ll be able to rent sneakers for a minimum of one (or maximum of four) days for $150 USD. Like all plans, LSOP’s get more cost effective the longer you sign in for. At the moment their line favours the high end – with a collection of Saint Laurents, Givenchys and the like – but with a heady enough line, it’s not entirely a horrible idea. It’s not the idea of sneakers we’re used to but who knows, the next generation of sneaker fans might be scoffing at our large, hardly worn collections while treating sneakers like Netflix rentals.

Via Complex.

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