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02 Sep 2009

Industry News

New Balance Feral Creation Party Pics!

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New Balance ripped it up at the Singapore launch party for the new Feral Creations 999 pack by Mita and Left Foot! Based on beasts representing the urban jungles of Tokyo and Singapore, the feral release was kicked off in style with party animals from across Asia flying in for the monster event. Dazzling artwork was provided by Sneakerwolf from Japan and Singapore's Phunk Studio. Check out all the action below!

09/09/09 marks the release date of the NB 999 Feral Collection. The new collection stems from New Balance‟s goal to reinvent the brand‟s lifestyle footwear range from all-time classic favourites to modern silhouettes. Celebrating heritage, craftsmanship, innovation and imagination, New Balance Lifestyle fuses classic designs from the past with bold ideas from the future. Part of the classic 99X series of running shoes that dates back to the early 80s, the 999 model was originally released in 1996 and was New Balance‟s most technologically advanced shoe at the time. For the 99X series celebrations running throughout 2009, the company has worked with key retailers Leftfoot (Singapore) and Mita Sneakers (Japan) to reintroduce this iconic New Balance model back into the market. The NB Feral Creation Collection is an Asian Inspired collection for global release. The project first started back in 2007 with the NB 574 “Hungry Dragon”, whilst last year saw the project present the NB 576 “China Mask”. This year‟s edition stays true to the theme of Asia-inspired lifestyles and culture by drawing on various animals that have left their mark on our urban jungles.'

The collection is divided into two sets, one from each retailer, consisting of an exclusive pair that is numbered and limited to 660 units worldwide, as well as general release version that will be more widely available. Each exclusive edition is interconnected with the underlying theme of the colour „grey‟, which is the original colour of the 999 and 99X series as well as New Balance‟s heritage colour.

Singapore-inspired 999- design by Leftfoot
Leftfoot has drawn inspiration from the Lion and Peacock, two noble animals that freely roamed South-East Asia and the island of Singapore long ago. The colour of the lion head national symbol, red, is used on the toebox area of the shoe, whilst the other parts are made up of purple and grey coloured materials; Purple as a nod of respect to New Balance Japan for initiating this project, and grey to symbolise the concrete jungle. The materials featured include suede, leather, water-repellent nylon and reflective 3M. It also comes complete with a special Feral Creation pull-out drawer shoe-box, extra Tatami mat insoles and an extra set of laces.

Japan-inspired 999 - design by Mita Sneakers
Mita Sneakers have drawn inspiration from the Grey Mouse and Black Crow, two creatures that are known for their parasitical, dirty, tough and resilient characteristics, which they feel represent the modern youth of Tokyo and other urban Asian cities. A variety of materials in several tone of grey have been employed, including suede, stitched leather, faux fur and horse hair. It also comes complete with a special Feral Creation pull-out drawer shoe-box, extra Tatami mat insoles and an extra set of laces.

The 999 Feral Creation Tier 0 releases will be available in-stores on 09/09/09, with the select stockists being: Mess, Reaction, Solegoodz (China); Juice, SELEVEN Gallery (Hong Kong); Mita, Atmos, Boston Club, Cruction, Hectic, Oshman’s Japan, Undefeated, United Arrows (Japan); Kasina Premium (Korea); Sole What (Malaysia); Qubic, Fridge Freezer Icebox (New Zealand); Leftfoot (Singapore); Leftfoot Taipei (Taiwan); Genesis (Thailand); Colette (France); Solebox (Germany); Flow (Italy); 24 Kilates (Spain); Sneakersnstuff (Sweden); Hanon (UK); Maze (Brazil); 57K (Mexico); HUF, Undefeated, Alife (USA).

About Leftfoot and
LEFTFOOT was founded in 2002 by Anthony Ho. It was the first sneaker store to open in Singapore, introducing the freshest ensemble of sneakers from around the world to our streets. Starting from a single outlet at Far East Plaza, Over the next five years, Leftfoot expanded to four stores in Singapore and one in Taipei-Taiwan, the mecca of Chinese entertainment, making them one of the key sneaker retailers in the South-East Asian region. Their first collaboration with New Balance was during last year‟s 20th anniversary celebrations of the 576 model, where they worked with acclaimed sneaker customizers SBTG (Mark Ong) and Methamphibian (Peter Kim) to create the successful Heaven & Hell pack.

AboutMita Sneakers
A few decades ago, MITA SNEAKERS used to sell Japanese traditional footwear, such as “Geta” and “Zo-ri” and started to hold sneakers since 40 years ago. Mita Sneakers is one of the main sneaker institutions in Japan, not only do they stock some of the finest and most desirable shoes, they regularly work with many brands to create their own exclusive releases, which has led to them gaining a worldwide following of loyal sneaker enthusiasts. Whilst working with New Balance, they have almost become synonymous with the MT580 model, which has seen them work special makeups of the MT580 on a regular basis. “Mita Sneakers” is a long established sneaker store which holds 3 stores in Ueno Ameyoko area. It has been giving influence to other sneaker shops for over 40 years as an instigator by proposing epoch making SMU project. Their historical background of collaborating with various brands and makers can be said “one and only” sneaker shop in the world. In 2009, Mita Sneakers has put up “CROSSOVER” as the theme of shop and focused on 90‟s fashion that had various trend to propose a free sneaker style with their SMU project as an icon.

02 Sep 2009

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