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NEIGHBORHOOD Have Another adidas Superstar Incense Chamber Coming

NEIGHBORHOOD adidas Superstar Incense Chamber Black

Japanese streetwear pioneers NEIGHBORHOOD have been releasing limited edition collectible incense chambers for years, a number of which have been in collaboration with other prominent entities. Their next chamber release is the latest in a long-running partnership with adidas, modelled after the iconic Superstar.

Homeware has always been low-key hype for a while, and NEIGHBORHOOD were responsible for turning hypebeast attention to the lucrative products that are incense chambers. They actually already released a Superstar incense chamber back in 2018, which currently is asking four digits on secondary markets. While that white edition is now long gone, here’s another chance at owning one of NBHD’s signature products.

This time, the palette is flipped to all-black, save for white NEIGHBORHOOD TOKYO branding on the lateral side and tongue. Like all NEIGHBORHOOD incense chambers, expect very high quality craftsmanship of the porcelain and glaze, resulting in a product that actually works, and is more than a novelty collectible.

NEIGHBORHOOD founder Shinsuke ‘Sin’ Takizawa has been taking to Instagram recently to tease the new chamber, which appears to be releasing via the adidas CONFIRMED app. While no release date has been announced yet, odds are it’ll be coming within the next couple of weeks, if not days.

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