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Nearly $7K Worth of Sneakers Allegedly Stolen From Checked-In Luggage

Sneakers Stolen Dejan Main Pic

Canadian sneaker collector Dejan Pralica (pictured above) has allegedly had close to $7000 ($9000 CAD) stolen from his checked-in airport luggage on a flight from Toronto to Vancouver.

It is reported that four pairs were unaccounted for when Pralica opened his luggage in Vancouver, including a pair of ‘Blink’ which currently fetch up to $4500 on the secondary market. Ouch!

According to Pralica, ‘Everything was taken out but one pair of shoes. I just (couldn’t) believe someone had gone in and stolen it. The fact that someone could come away with half a suitcase worth of items without anyone noticing and go on with their day, it seems crazy to me. There must be more thefts happening.’

A police report was filed, but it’s reported that Air Canada needs to finish conducting its own investigation before law enforcement can become involved.

According to CBC News, Air Canada says it’s working with the police, but stated that ‘baggage changes hands many times from the start to the end of a trip, as baggage systems are under the jurisdiction of individual airport authorities’, and that they recommend ‘valuables be packed in carry-on baggage as well as ensuring appropriate insurance covers high-value items when travelling.’

Take note, sneakerheads. Do your due diligence to ensure your prized Grails don’t end up getting pocketed.

‘I just really want someone to take some accountability for it,’ said Pralica. ‘Air Canada or the airport... someone has to know what happened.’


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