Darius Baz
Darius Baz
Darius Baz

NBA Prospect Signs Big Deal with New Balance

Apart of their return to the hardwood in 2019New Balance have signed NBA hopeful Darius Bazley to a big endorsement deal worth up to $14 million. The deal also includes a three-month ‘internship’ at NB, where Bazley will immerse himself in the shoe industry while also preparing himself for next year’s NBA Draft.

According to New Balance VP of global marketing and sports marketing, Chris Davis, part of Bazley’s appeal was his decision earlier this year to skip the more traditional NBA pathways of college or the G-League. Davis said, ‘When Darius first declared his intentions of foregoing the traditional path to the NBA and pursue his dreams on his own terms, we knew that he was the ideal ambassador for New Balance. Similar to Darius, New Balance has a fearlessly independent mindset and we continuously strive to partner with athletes who reflect our values and strive to stand up to convention.’

While the 18-year-old Bazley is set to pocket at least $1 million from the deal with New Balance, whether he reaches closer to that $14 million mark will depend on certain performance incentives. Either way, that’s some kind of internship!

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