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National Geographic Reminds of Inconvenient Truth About Sneakers’ Environmental Impact

Sneaker Sam Sneaker PileSneaker Sam Sneaker Pile

It’s safe to assume if you’re reading Sneaker Freaker, you have a healthy interest in sneakers, let alone owning and buying multiple pairs each year. At least, more than the average consumer, judging by the comment section of National Geographic’s latest mini-doco.

On average, Americans bought seven pairs of shoes each in 2018, so numbers may have been skewed by outliers who either buy zero pairs or dozens. Regardless, a lot of plastic content is involved in making various sneaker components, which can find their way into waterways and the wider environment when worn down.

National Geographic explores the consequences of sneakerhead habits, but also offers a glimmer of hope for alternative solutions in the near future. Watch and decide for yourself.

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