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11 Sep 2008

Industry News

Nash Money Fbt X Air Max Interview

Nash Money X Nike Air Max 360 X Visvim Fbt 2 1
Nash Money X Nike Air Max 360 X Visvim Fbt 4
Nash Money X Nike Air Max 360 X Visvim Fbt 3
Nash Money X Nike Air Max 360 X Visvim Fbt 1

It's a custom and it's probably the best release of the year! Designed by Nash Money from the UK, this insane handstitched model combines a Visvim FBT with an Air Max 360 - the result is a future classic that never will be. Or will Nike find it too had to resist making this wannabe hybrid a reality? We caught up with the strong fingered Nash to ask him wassup in the world of Nash Money.

What’s been happening in the world of Nash?
Well I completed a Jordan 4 for Zoltar’s Dan McMillan, been working with New Era on a couple of projects and produced two customs for the Nike Festival of Air last year. I’ve just finished a good 3 years at Maharishi’s store and now I’m ready to push my work harder as I feel not many people have seen what I’ve been doing. Hence the coming of my new website

How the heck did you come up with this?
I always wanted to make a hybrid, it was just a matter of how and with what. When I first saw the Air Max 360 I knew it would be possible to do a hand-stitch custom and make it clean. The problem was what shoe to match it with. When I saw the ‘one time only’ pack I was a bit gutted. But it was kind of a blessing in disguise as it forced me to think out of the ‘Nike box’ and create the Elk skin FBT 360.

Why these two particular shoes?
The Visvim FBT has to be one of the most dapper shoes ever, with its clean lines and that distinct skirt detailing. Then you have the Airmax 360, with its incredible air unit ingenuity and engineering so it made perfect sense to combine these two in a hybrid.

Are they actually wearable?
Well Woody, I’m not 100% sure, to be honest. Doing what I do is always a learning process. I never used any glue and maybe that’s why I’m not 100% sure. Glue can still be added; once this is done I’m confident that they would hold up. I’ve put them on without the insole as they are a UK Nike 9 and I’m a UK Nike 10. It was a snug fit but it felt wearable. But I’m still not sure I would do a 100 metre dash in them. I’d like to think my shoes are for show primarily, but at the same time I would like who ever owned a pair to be able to have the choice of rocking them.

How painstaking was the process?
I always have constant pressure to improve my skills and push the boundaries with every custom I make and I’d like to feel this is evident since I started in 2004. I’ve kinda shot myself in the foot with the 360 FBT as I’m going to find it hard to top it. It was fucking painstaking making the 360 FBT, more mental than physical pain! First you have to prepare yourself to chop up a £120 sneaker without bursting the air unit, and then you have to come to terms with cutting up the most beautiful pair of £275 elk skin Visvim FBTs. It took a few hours every week for over a couple of months, but that’s just because I have to carefully workout how each stage, as I don’t have a cupboard full of elk skin FBT’s to keep on chopping up. Now I’ve worked out everything I think it’ll probably take me 24 hours of work.

Have you got that call from Nike yet?
No, not really. I would like to work with other brands and products that I respect, like Visvim. But yeah, I would love to do my own shoe with Nike. Maybe a Nash Air Max BW or the realisation of my Moccasin AF1’s. OK, I’m sorry no more plugs and hints from now on. I promise. LOL.

You really love those moccasins?
I can’t think of any shoe (not sneaker) without a moccasin stitch that looks cool. As a sneaker wearer I can’t really settle with any shoe unless it has that casual moc look. Look at the facts, Clarks wallabies are cool, deck shoes are cool, Visvims are super cool and I’d like to think my moccasin customs are cool too. Just cos Alf Stuart wore moccasins don’t mean the flamin’ galah has to spoil it for the rest of the world LOL. I also wanna add a big thanks to Reino for making my logo in to a crazy nice silver lace lock, which I am also using as a branding application on the 360 FBTs.

This article appeared in Issue 10 of Sneaker Freaker. Buy it here.

This article appeared in Issue 10 of Sneaker Freaker. Buy it

11 Sep 2008

Industry News

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