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Nash Money X Lacoste Interview

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It seems like UK-based Nash Money is in every issue of Sneaker Freaker! If he's not deconstructing a Nike or designing for DC, he's usually got something fresh up his sleeve we can write about. Now he's gone one better and scratch-built a totally new model for le Croc. Part-boater, part-Sunday-loafer, at first glance it looks a legit Lacoste, but look closer and the subtle Nash-isms come to the fore. Here's an exclusive look at this new project!

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Congratulations on a productive year. Are your sneaker dreams finally coming true?
Thanks. I’m not sure, ‘cause it still feels like I’m dreaming. My goals are being realised but it’s left me thirsty for more, which I’ve never viewed as a bad thing.
I guess you haven’t had time to knock out many customs?
Yeah, I completed a Tinchy Stryder custom late last year for a Vodafone 360 project but now I have a backlog of custom ideas that I want to knock out. With all the other things that have been going on, I haven’t been able to shout about it.

You had your Nash x DC Cadwell sneaker out last year. What did you learn from that experience?
I’m pretty clued in when it comes to the design and production of sneakers but I’ve grown to understand more of the business and marketing aspects of the project. Putting the press and public launch together was the biggest challenge but the most rewarding.

OK, let’s talk Lacoste. Tell us about your new shoe? It’s a completely new shoe right?
Yep, it’s a completely new model. It’s a mega mix of applications and styles that I love in footwear. I designed a shoe for Maharishi a few years back that had the same double-deck shoe theme, I really liked this concept and wanted to bring it in to the game again. Then I added a moccasin cross stitch, a little mudguard sill around the toe, lace savers, lace loops and asymmetrical branding.

The Devil is in the detail! Did you spend much time digging into the Lacoste archives?
I did a lot of sole searching, forgive the pun. I worked from the previous version of the Cabestan but I’m not sure if my Lacoste collaboration is a true representative of their archive as such. However, I certainly feel it reflects their unique style.

I agree. It seems to me you’ve managed to make it Lacoste but with a Nash spin. Was there a brief from the brand or did you have free rein?
Initially we got together to catch up on current activities but had no direction. It was always known that I had a love for Lacoste and they showed me their forthcoming collection at which point they asked if I had any ideas. I mocked up a runner, desert boot and a double deck shoe, which evolved to the current model you see today. Lacoste asked that I make something that echoed their sophistication and suave persona but obviously featured a NASH twist. Other than that, I was allowed to do as I pleased. They occasionally checked in to make sure I didn’t get too carried away, which was probably for the best as it would have been a super busy shoe otherwise.

Ha! There’s definitely a Nash trademark colourway – bright blue with brown leather and tweed with leather laces. Did you agonise over the colours?
It was painstaking because Lacoste have a massive room full of materials and swatches that’s just overwhelming. At one point, I was going to move in and camp-out! I’ve always been one for earth colours and it’s always nice to have that extra pop, so the blue seemed fitting. The beauty of this shoe is that it works with both the garish bright all-over colour or with a more subdued look, even if I do say so myself.

And the all-whites? It’ll probably sell the most!
I know, you’re right. The first samples were made up in white and after seeing them we all agreed that an all-white would be a great option to emphasise the design. The materials are really luxurious as well and it’s a shame that we don’t feel buttery leather all that often anymore. A sign of the times I guess.

Don't get me started! Is this a one-off deal? Or will we see more Nash Money Lacostes in the future?
Nothing planned yet but I’m super thirsty, I have loads of ideas and would definitely love to work with Lacoste again. I’ve made so many friends there, we work well together and hopefully it shows with the Lacoste Bravington. Always a pleasure, never a chore, when it comes to the Lacoste.

And finally, if you could change one thing in the footwear biz, what would it be?
Nothing! We used to see the sneaker game monopolised by the major players but now the consumer is forever looking for new styles and brands. This directly helps the smaller brands get out there while it also pushes the envelope as far as style and design are concerned. Smaller brands force the majors to rethink what they’re doing which makes this an exciting time for the footwear consumer, it is for me anyways.

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