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Hey Nash, how’s London?
Things are good but I could do with a change of scenery. Blue sea, sandy beaches, blazing sun. Pretty much everything one doesn’t get while living in London.

What do you call these things you make?
So far the customizations I’ve been making are Nikes with an added moccasin stitch to the toe and other added features like embroidery and coloured stitching. I’ve decided to experiment with the construction and deconstruction of the shoe rather than applying painted patterns or colourways.

Do you snap many necks in Soho with your crochet handiwork?
I get different reactions, mostly good though. I don’t really pimp my shoes that much. I wear my battered BW and my black/silver Zoom Angus on most days. No point mashing up all my sneakers just to wear at work. I’d rather save them for special occasions. Your SF party in Brick Lane at Gloria’s being one of them.

How did you come up with the idea to sew the toe?
It’s quite an ugly story. Let me start by telling you that I hate wearing shoes and out of my whole collection of footwear I originally had only one pair of shoes. They were a pair of Snipe Brand Moccasins; I actually love those shoes above most of my trainers. After a long night of ‘imbibing’ I came home fucked out of my nut and felt like shit and my head was spinning. I also knew the second I sat up, I would throw up. I lifted my head a little bit and could not see anything to be sick in. Out the corner of my eye I could see my shoes, picked the left one up and let it go in the shoe rather than projectile vomit all over my clothes. I went on to wash my shoe the next morning but left it in the garden. I forgot about them for two days and the sun faded them real bad. I found it impossible to find replacement shoes that I liked. All the shoes had something about them that I didn’t like. Inspired during an afternoon of Jazz Cigarettes I came up with the notion of mixing my favourite sneaker and my favourite style of shoe and making a crossbreed.

I’m no fan of boat shoes, but I really like these... Do you have other ideas?
Yes. Not just towards sneakers and sneaker customization, but design in general. I’m always thinking about clothes, toys, architecture, interiors, car design. A majority of my other ideas cost money and more organisation and, realistically, I’m not in the position to further any of them at this point in time. For now, it makes sense to me to build my reputation on my customs and take it slowly from there. I make things that I think are nice and people seem to respond positively, which is an added bonus.

So how do you do it? Have you got some heavy-duty mofo needle?
It’s all done with one leather needle and the iron tips of my fingers. Well they feel like iron now anyways. Iron-Fingers Nash.

I liked the Jordan 4s, they look a little like the Mochas??
It was my first Jordan 4 and my second paint job. The first shoe I painted was an AF1, but now I really want to do a series of Jordan 4s with different themes. I should have bought loads of them when they went on sale over here, now I have to go on fucking eBay and mission for them.

So, do you think Nike have been taking notes?
I don’t know, what do you think? I think overall it’s a good concept. My enhancement of Nike product is not going to improve your basketball ability, but you’ll definitely look more dapper with them on.

Can we order these from you somehow?
Yes, if you find a way of contacting me. I’m quite busy and I can only make a few pairs of customs every month. I already have a growing waiting list, but I’m always down to work something out with interested individuals.

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