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N98 Sportswear Jackets

Nike Sportswear presents: the N98 Track Jacket collection.

Dubbed the ‘Ultimate Expression Of Sport Style’ because of its championship roots (the jacket was originally created for the 1998 Brazilian Men’s National Football Team), this Nike Sportswear (NSW) N98 track jacket is a classic recreation that’s fitting of the Sportswear division’s ethos: ‘Designed for sport, crafted for life’.

For this collection, Nike have obsessed over every stitch, turned into nerds over every zipper, reached new heights in garment refinement and included painstaking detail in each and every jacket, so you can feel the quality. Featuring Gore-tex composite, dri-fit, laser bonded seams, riri zipper, laser cut vents and a high ribbed collar, this collection isn't just for the fellas, it's also available in a women’s version, cut specifically to fit the female form. The new gold standard in track jackets also comes complete with a premium finish, high-end construction, clean lines and a bold style that accentuates and defines athletic sportswear.

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