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The Mystery Of Flying Kicks Film

Over a year ago we caught up with The Mystery Of Flying Kicks filmmaker Matthew Bates on his quest to find the mystical truth behind sneakers hanging from telephone lines. Using an online call-out and a phone message bank, The Mystery of Flying Kicks film was made entirely from donated photographs, phoned-in theories, video, and animation from contributors across the globe. The film also gets the scoop from the high priest of sneaker lore Bobbito Garcia, street art legends Skewville and even the Argentinean Mafia! If you missed the worldwide premiere at the prestigious SXSW Film Festival, you can now whet your appetite for all things sneaker tossing by watching the trailer for The Mystery of Flying Kicks here.
To celebrate the launch of the The Mystery of Flying Kicks film and website, subscribers can win an authentic pair of Skewville ‘Brooklyn' edition wooden dogs as well as DVDs of the film. To be in the running to win sign up to the new www.flying-kicks.com website. The Flying Kicks team are still collecting theories, images and video, so while you are checking out the trailer contribute to the mystery by posting to the Theory Blog.

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