Jordans Ncaa
Jordans Ncaa
Jordans Ncaa

More NCAA Investigations Into Sale of Team-Issued Jordans

Following last week’s suspension of 13 UNC college football players for reselling ‘special edition Nike Jordan shoes’, it's been revealed that three more schools are investigating similar behaviour amongst their student athletes. Michigan, Marquette and Cal are all looking into whether any of their players have violated NCAA rules by putting team-issued Air Jordans onto the open marketplace.

An ESPN report has named these three additional schools, but also noted that not all of the exclusive shoes are gifted to players. Apparently additional pairs are given to executives, celebrities and other third parties, meaning that confirmed online sales of shoes from the above schools doesn’t automatically implicate their athletes.

The report also indicated that pairs of these exclusive silhouettes fetch well into the thousands of dollars, with one estimate claiming that player exclusive models comfortably reach the top one per cent of sale prices for collectible shoes.

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