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Monumental Nike + Jordan Sneaker Auction Soars On Ebay

Thumb Eminem
Undftd 1
Undftd 2
Laser 1
Laser 2
J13 Tan 5
Kobe 6
J13 Tan 3
J8 1
J8 4
Blk J1 1
Blk J1 4
Jordan 9 1
Grey 7 1
Grey 7 4
Grey J4 1
Grey J4 4
J13 1
Nelly 1
J14 1
Bans 4
Jordan 2 1
Fear 1
Fear 4
Fire Red J3 1
Fire Red J3 3
Grape 1
Lebron 1
Penny 1
Sneaker Auction Full

There have been some truly "epic" sneaker auctions in the last decade. from shifting most of his foot gear in two sessions, and there have been a stack of charity drives for good causes, and there was that sole-swapped OG AJ6 set too. This latest bulk-buy-and-barely-save auction joins the legendary list, with the winner getting the opportunity to fondle through some of the rarest Nike and Jordan gems ever. This fella clearly has a connect on the inside, deep in the factories, with his collection consisting of samples of some seriously hot heat, like the Eminem Jordan 4 (yah), the UNDFTD olive Jordan 4 (beleedat!), a Kobe 2K4 Huarache that basically no one even knew existed, some rare LeBrons, completely unreleased colourways of the Air Jordan 8 and 9, and much more. There's 26 sneaks in all, and you can't split the pack up, and as the auction has already passed over 30K, you're gonna have to be stacking paper as high as the Trump Tower if you want bidding for this to be financially responsible. Peep some of the shoes available in the gallery above and view the auction here.

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