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Mj Would Still Dominate In 2014, Says Champs Sports

Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant

Arguments over who is the greatest basketball player of all time will never go away – and nor should they, they're a lot of fun. MJ will hopefully always feature in those discussions – even as generations pass and new heroes are born – but the fact is personal idols are generally made in people's lifetimes, and usually in adolescence. There's no 15-year-old who truly understands how dominating Bill Russell was in his day, they have their own heroes that they watch week-in, week-out and think are legends. However, Michael Jordan still casts a formidable shadow over the game of b-ball, which is undoubtedly propelled by his omnipotent sneaker brand, and debates still rage about how well he would fare in today's game if he was still in his prime. Champs Sports feel a certain type of way about it, and you can read up on their compelling argument for why MJ would still kill it here.

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