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Mitchell & Ness Presents: Snkr Frkr Swap Meet On Feet Recap

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If you want to check out the festivities that went down during last weekend's Sneaker Freaker Swap Meet, head to our event recap . But if you're the type of person that's always fixated on what shoes people are wearing, we've got you covered with this on-foot recap of all the heat that came through Globe Warehouse on Sunday. From blown out Air Max2 Lights to unreleased Bape x Puma Disc Blazes, 'Pirate Black' Yeezys to 'Purple Devil' 576s, the vast spread of sneakers that were worn out to the Swap Meet is really a testament to how wide and broad sneaker culture has grown. Check the gallery above for a taste of what Melbourne sneakerheads brought out for the Mitchell & Ness Presents: Sneaker Freaker Swap Meet 2015.

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