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Miley Cyrus: Jumpman's New Jumpgirl?

Jordan Brand might just have a situation on their hands, we can already hear the pitter patter of tween footsteps converging on Foot Locker in the distance. Much sought after beat maker Mike Will Made-It is doing the whole DJ Khaled shout-on-tracks-while-rappers-do-the-rapping crossover thing and pulled in a few rhymers for his new track '23'. Jordan comparisons and sneaker shoutouts abound in verses from Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J, but it's the verse and chorus submissions from Miley Cyrus that will take the track and video to a new audience, beyond the already ample number of songs dedicated to Js. In her parts, Miley nominates Jordans as a great dancing shoe, reps the wolf grey 5s and even suggests she might be willing to take a pay cut and work at Flight Club.
What will come of all this, then? Are Jordan going to see a bigger demand for GS sizes now from Miley's fans? Will Miley's influence see the masses trading in the Cons and Vans for retro Jordans? Will the Jumpman brand increase their supply for the masses to get high off? This woman's influence cannot be underplayed, don't forget she helped put 'twerking' in the dictionary and removed all sensual respectability from it in one foul stroke. Watch the clip for '23' below and tell us what you think will happen, if anything. The Sneaker Freaker office has decided by majority vote it's a good thing for the sneaker world, while one writer in the office (me) is bemoaning the possibility of spotting other people wearing his shoes on the street every day who don't know their 6s from their 9s. Either way, there are a lot of sweet shots of crispy Jordans in here and Miley just may have reached her babe zenith.


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