Michael Jordan's Advice For LaVar Ball: 'Shut Up'

We've got to hand it to LaVar Ball – he sure knows how to draw attention! Having ground Shaq's gears with his Big Baller ranting to the point of being slapped with a Shaq diss track, the father of 2017's number two NBA draft pick, Lonzo Ball, has now drawn ire from His Airness.

At Jordan Flight School basketball camp this week, the Bulls legend fielded questions about LaVar, tempering some heavy bakes with a very light sprinkling of praise, namely for the BBB CEO’s belief in his children. However, Jordan also had some words of advice on that front, and they went a little something like this: ‘Shut up, and let the kids play.’

Probed on loudmouthed LaVar’s claim that he’s come out on top of a one-on-one with Jordan, the Bulls legend clarified what we all know: ‘I don't think he could beat me if I was one-legged.’ Swish!

Word of advice to LaVar – don't mess with the GOAT!

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