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Michael Jordan's Advice For LaVar Ball: 'Shut Up'


We've got to hand it to LaVar Ball – he sure knows how to draw attention! Having  with his  ranting to the point of being slapped with a Shaq , the father of 2017's number two NBA draft pick, , has now drawn ire from .

At Jordan Flight School basketball camp this week, the Bulls legend fielded questions about LaVar, tempering some heavy bakes with a very light sprinkling of praise, namely for the BBB CEO’s belief in his children. However, Jordan also had some words of advice on that front, and they went a little something like this: ‘Shut up, and let the kids play.’

Probed on loudmouthed LaVar’s claim that he’s come out on top of a one-on-one with Jordan, the Bulls legend clarified what we all know: ‘I don't think he could beat me if I was one-legged.’ Swish!

Word of advice to LaVar – don't mess with the GOAT!

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