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Michael Jordan Is Officially A Billionaire

Michael Jordan Billionaire DpMichael Jordan Billionaire Dp
Michael Jordan Billionaire 51
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Michael Jordan Billionaire 1
Michael Jordan Billionaire 5

The newest accolade in the life of his Airness has got people young and old, all across the globe once again singing "I want to be like Mike". Now joining the billionaires club according to a report by Forbes Magazine, Michael no doubt still reigns supreme as one of the most successful basketball players of all time, with his rings, trophies, awards, records and of course the shoes - really,  it's a no brainer that his legacy would lead to riches like this. So when ever posed with the question "Is it the shoes?" you can answer with, "it might very well be". But as Forbes puts it, the $1 billion mark is Jordan's projected net worth which is a big jump from his previous net worth of $750 million. Basically all you need to know is that Michael Jordan is now the highest paid retired athlete, but who knows, by the rate LeBron is going, he may break this record some day also.

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