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Michael Jordan Compensated $46,000 From Qiaodan Sports for 'Emotional Damages'

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via Jordan Brand

Just when you thought it was all over, it appears the legal saga between Chinese sportswear brand Qiaodan Sports and Michael Jordan has taken another somewhat bizarre turn.

Last year, the Supreme People’s Court in China ruled in favour of the Jordan Brand, disallowing Qiaodan Sports from using the Chinese characters synonymous with ‘Jordan’. However, we’ve now received another update via the Shanghai court, which has ruled that the Chinese brand had in fact wrongly used the ‘Jordan’ name without authorisation and with intention of misleading consumers. As a result, Qiaodan has been ordered to compensate the MJ $46,000 in ‘emotional damages’, as well as $7,600 for the incurred legal expenses – surely chump change in the grand scheme of things.

Adding insult to injury, Qiaodan must also issue an apology in print and online to clarify the non-affiliation to the basketball legend.

To date, Qiaodan has registered around 200 Jordan-related trademarks. Registered trademarks can be disputed within a five-year window in China, but since many of Qiaodan's trademarks were filed more than five years ago, the court cannot order the company to stop using his name entirely.


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