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11 Apr 2010

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Michael Beasley X adidas Player Edition

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Sneaker Freaker is serving up a double-dose of NBA rising star Michael Beasley today - first is our spotlight on his adidas TS Supernatural Commander PEs, followed by our quick chat with the wise-cracking southpaw!

The adidas TS Supernatural Commander has dominated the NBA hardwood all season long with interior forces Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard and Josh Smith all earning their pay cheques in triple stripe Commanders. With the NBA post season about to tip off, we decided it was due time to highlight one of our favourite adidas athletes, Miami Heat forward, Michael Beasley. Not only are Be Easy’s adidas TS Supernatural Commanders as smooth as his game, they feature a black suede base with black mesh which is offset by the distinctive outsole and a colour scheme that’s reflective of his Miami Heat road jersey. Highlights also include red/yellow shoelaces and various monochromatic branding on the sneaker's upper. We've been following Beasley for a minute now, and like the athlete, his kicks are a combination of substance and style!

Name: Michael Beasley
Occupation: NBA Power Forward.
Team: Miami Heat.
Jersey No.: 30
College: Kansas State
Years Pro: 1

Mike B, Sneaker Freaker Magazine here, how are you?
Who’s that? Sneaky Freaky? Oh wait, (laughs) what? Oh, Sneaker Freaker (laughs).

Do you remember the first pair of shoes you purchased?
My first pair that I purchased? The first pair of shoes that I actually paid for? Damn… That was only last year in my rookie season!

Before that, you had never spent your own money on shoes?
Not me (laughs). My mother bought me a pair of Air Jordans when I was young and them shits were expensive, so that was the last pair of shoes she bought me for a while, a long while. I was 11 at the time and those shoes were the Jordan 13s, no wait, it was the 14s… I remember because they were the Black with the Indigo green. She got me those joints when I was in the fifth grade. I wore them everyday.

Are they the pair that you’re most attached to?
My Adidas. They’re comfortable, I love me some shell toes. They’re right for any occasion, you know? You can wear them mowing the lawn, walking the dog, when you dress causal, need to look good for a date. Shell toes can take you a long way – they’re right, all the time.

Given the level you play at night-in and night-out, what do you personally look for in your performance shoes?
Comfort and weight. Those two are essentials. If you have a shoe that you’re not really comfortable playing in, you’re never going to play your best. As far as weight goes, if the shoe is a little too heavy for you, it’s going to slow you down a whole lot and you never want that.

Do you have a favourite sneaker spot to shop at?
A favourite spot? Hmm… it’s gotta be (laughs). I have big feet man; big, big feet, always have, so I can’t really shop at any stores and I can’t waste time trying to find stores, so I just go to I have my own account set up, so it’s real easy, I can just go online, whenever I am and get what I need.

Thanks Mike, any final words?
Sneaky Freaky.

Make sure to check out Mike Beasley during the NBA Playoffs, which tips off on April 17.

11 Apr 2010

Industry News

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