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Mi adidas - Make Your Own adidas!

To celebrate the local release of Australia's first miOriginals adidas station at Chadstone's newly opened Originals Store, adidas asked us to seek out some Three Stripe nutters to create their very own adidas sneaker. Everyone we hit up jumped at the chance to be involved so we thought we'd walk you through just what goes into creating your very own Mi adidas custom sneakers! And here's the rope-a-dope results!

With an endless choice of Originals styles to choose from (Stan Smith, Gazelle, Shell Toe, Forum and ZX700 to name a few) it's then onto choosing the right materials and colour to make your perfect custom. While the computerised touch-screen makes for an easy instant view of your custom sneaker, it becomes apparent that the mi adidas look-book holds the key. Filled with hundreds of material swabs, colours, textures and choices, the ability to touch and eye-off each panel is a massive bonus. The cherry on top comes with the option to add your own name to your shoe for the ultimate in exclusivity!
The entire process is incredibly seamless, the options are limitless and the set-up simple and easy to use. Once you complete each step it's a nail-biting six-week wait until your fresh new adidas are delivered to your door! Props to Paris Wells, Paul Garvey, Robot Girl, Mz Risk, Sekure D, Hans DC and M.A.F.I.A. for showing off their personalised sneaks! If you're looking for the ultimate gift for the sneaker head that has it all, make sure you hit up mi adidas online or the adidas Originals Chadstone Store today to make an appointment.

adidas Originals Chadstone Shop Lower Level (03) 9530 9845

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