Givenchy TK-MX
Givenchy TK-MX
Givenchy TK-MX
Givenchy TK-MX
,Givenchy TK-MX

Matthew M Williams Reveals New Wacky Givenchy TK-MX

Matthew M Williams’ latest experimental design at Givenchy is the TK-MX. Revealed overnight on his Instagram page ahead of the brand’s SS23 show, this bulbous creation has some stylistic parallels to the recent TK-360 model, but sans the knitted exterior.

The mesh and synthetic uppers are part and parcel of the Y2K running shoe look that the high fashion world has appropriated for years now, but rather than simply being a pastiche of that era’s aesthetic, the TK-MX gets a bit more radical. This is most obviously seen through its globular heel cushioning unit, engulfing the entire heel counter. While likely cosmetic, the high performance connotations conjured by the big backside is worthy of its own trophy, competing with other styles in a similar vein.

Where the model also stands out is its full-on selection of colours. Sure, there’s the plain Jane (and John) triple white edition, but there’s also a suitably futuristic ‘Get In The F***ing Robot Shinji’ silver, purple and volt mix; joining the party is a neon yellow and black number that could probably get its wearer into the Berghain with the right combination of cool pretence and RBF.

Expect to see the TK-MX on the runway and streets in Paris this week ahead of an official release later this year.

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