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Match The Sneaker With The Alexander Wang Bag

Alexander Wang's latest collection cleverly called on some famous sneaker designs for inspiration, but he avoided that little bother called copyright by not explicitly stating the muse of each piece. Sometimes it was pretty obvious – the elephant print tops were clearly reincarnated from the Air Jordan 3, and the bag is undoubtedly a cut-up adidas Stan Smith with some serious origami chops applied – but some of the items demanded sneaker history knowledge. The jury will forever be out on a few, but ,MTV have had a go at playing 'match the bag to the sneaker' and the gallery above is what they arrived at. We agree with the Stan Smith link-up, we reckon they might be onto something with the Black/White/Sport Royal Nike Air Force 180, but the final two are a bit more contentious. They've compared the grey bag to a Nike Air Max 2014, but it could easily just be a bag-ification of the Wolf Grey Air Jordan 5 or a grey Air Max 95. MTV have also boldy declared the Black/Red/White number to be a representation of an AM90. Yeah, we see where you guys are coming from, that print is perhaps more similar to the nominated 90 than the most obvious muse, the Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement, but that colourway began with the Bulls, so we reckon Wang was wandering around JordanLand when he devised this make-up. We'll let MTV have it though and call it a three-way inspiration tie between their AM90, the Air Jordan 3 and the Air Jordan 14 – check those plush leather panels in the midriff, look familiar, eh? More likely though, Wang borrowed a little from column A and a little from column B (and columns N, I, K and E) on all the designs  – except that Stan Smith bag, ain't no confusion there.

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