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Mark Parker Vows to Combat Climate Change in FY18 Impact Report

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has always been at the forefront of innovations, and the brand’s next plan of attack has been revealed in a letter from CEO Mark Parker.

Referring to Nike’s latest FY18 Impact Report, Parker reiterated that change is needed in order to action.

‘In the face of today’s challenges – from climate change to inequality to how we unleash the potential of the next generation – I believe we need our boldest dreams yet. We need a broader vision for leadership and a greater openness for risk. We need to question and transform existing models. And above all, we need to back our aspirations with purposeful action.’

While sustainability and climate change was the focus the letter, Parker also noted Nike’s positive steps toward  – an issue the business has often been criticised for.

‘Yet we know there is still much more work to do. Over the past year, we increased VP-level representation of women by 4 per cent to 36 per cent globally and VP-level representation of U.S. underrepresented groups by 3 per cent to 19 per cent.’

The letter is a strong statement from Team Swoosh, and it appears the brand have been proactive in their approach. Time will tell whether Parker and co. can reach their lofty goals.

‘We know that we have a long way to go. Yet just as our athletes have shown us, I believe some of Nike’s craziest dreams are just beginning to take flight.’

Read the full letter here.

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