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Man Hit By Car Begs Paramedic to Not Cut his Jordans

Air Jordan 1 Obsidian LeftAir Jordan 1 Obsidian Left

You can always count on a sneakerhead to have their priorities straight.

A Reddit user by the name of Jerome shared his story of being hit by a car while wearing his ‘Obsidian’.

When paramedics arrived on the scene to routinely cut away clothing to assess injuries, Jerome protested.

‘My left leg is busted, so they want to take off the shoes,’ Jerome wrote. ‘I try to keep things light and say, ‘Please, not the sir,’ but they really need to get the shoe off. So he meets me halfway and says, ‘I’m just gonna cut the laces.’

Jerome even shared a picture of his Air Jordan 1 ‘Obsidian’ to backup the story.

‘I’ve been shopping around for laces and some users on [Reddit] have offered’, Jerome told Complex. ‘But I haven’t reached out to them yet.

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