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Major L: Wannabe Off-White Presto Botters Foiled by Kith

Terminator Off White Presto Nike

Let's have a round of applause for , everybody. Sick of their most sought-after product being snapped up by bots, the US retailer unleashed the mother of all curve balls on greedy resellers attempting to obtain the latest x .

Knowing that bots trawl store URLs looking for early access, Kith's online team sneakily assigned the URL to the Air Jordan 1 'Wheat.' A simple visit to the URL is enough to realise that the listing isn't for Virgil Abloh's coveted colab, but that didn't stop at least one hapless bot user from buying up as many pairs on the page as they could afford, according to a thread on reddit. Seemingly betrayed by an auto-checkout bot, the buyer apparently got in touch with Kith in an attempt to cancel their order — totalling over $1700 — only to be denied.

The buyer warned the Kith rep that the store would be hearing from their 'lawyers' (yes, plural), but we don't like their chance of success. The listing for the AJ1s states that they are a 'final sale' item and that no returns or exchanges will be accepted. Furthermore, Kith's terms and conditions state that the use of any bot or online exploit is strictly prohibited, and that their use grants Kith the right to refuse any return or refund. While the URL is completely unrelated to the AJ1s, the page itself leaves no question as to what product is being sold, making any hopes of a chargeback unlikely. Still, it could be worse. Priced half-off at just $80, the Wheats are an absolute steal for some solid winter beaters.

While the crafty URL still takes you through to the AJ1s, sadly every last pair is now sold out, suggesting there is more than one botter with a shipment of Wheats on the way. If you're after a pair of cheap Wheats, look out for the seller at your next local swapmeet with a full size run going cheap.

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