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Hailing from Canada (and taking a leaf out of her idol Madonna’s book), Erin Magee left home at 17 to make her mark on the Big Apple. Landing at Umbro, Erin hooked up Kim Jones, then worked at Supreme until the time was right for her own deal – the label Made Me. Launching in 2007, the first line sold out in a matter of days, testament to the originality of the vision. Not content at just throwing lame graphics on tees, she killed it with her Made Me emblazed leggings, that left Lindsay Lohan no hope of ever releasing her own spandex. From leather bombers to high-waisted pants, flannel jackets and cut-off shorty shorts, each range creates a distinct story. We are honoured to bring you an exclusive interview with one of the most innovative ladies we know and love, Miss Erin Magee.

Hey Erin, what was the decision to start your own label after working with one of the scenes strongest brands, Supreme?
I have always worked behind really powerful brands and MadeMe came out as an expression of me. I had a lot to say and I needed a place to say it, so I started MadeMe.

How did you come up with the name Made Me and how does it represent your brand?
It’s an expression of everything that Made Me who I am. It’s how I see fashion, life, my experiences, feelings, moods, etc. That’s why we took the Fall Winter 2008 lookbook in the direction we did. The lookbook is a ‘day in the life’ of me. It depicts a girl’s travels through the Lower East Side, going to work, getting ready, at the club, eating pizza and so on. It’s pretty dope.

What is Made Me bringing to the table that differs from the host of other female run labels of today?
Have you seen my stuff? I have leather motorcycle jackets, leather bombers (purple ones at that), denim, hand sewn spandex leggings, and custom flannels. Who else is doing that? No one.

What has been the progress from the first drop to the current collection?
I have had so much progression throughout the past 3 seasons. I am really happy with the current Fall/Winter 2008 collection. My tee graphics are the strongest they have ever been, my leather is better quality and a better fit. I have also taken fleece out of the line and replaced it with flannels. Overall, this is definitely my best season yet.

What are some trends you have seen die off quickly in the last year since the first collection of MadeMe hit the racks in 2007?
I don’t really pay attention to things like that. I just make what I think is hot and hopefully make it well.

Where do you see the brand going and what would be the one defining moment (it may have happened already) to let you know Made Me has officially arrived?
I will know that MadeMe ‘Made It’ when I can support my whole family through it. I’m talking about my moms, dad and sis! It’s more of a financial thing for me.

How do you gauge success with working within the clothing industry, especially the street wear scene, as it is so fickle? What steps do you take to make sure you have longevity as a brand?
I just trust myself. I trust everything I put out into the world. I feel as long as you are providing quality product of good taste at a good price then you will sustain as a brand.

Where do you draw your inspirations for your collections from, as they are both vastly different?
My collections change so much from season to season. I am glad you noticed. It’s because I am always changing as a person. My interests change, my tastes change, my thoughts change, so therefore MadeMe changes. My inspirations simply come from my experiences. If I see a dope movie, or read a dope book, listen to a dope album, or see a stylish girl on the street then all of these experiences are reflected in my collections.,

What’s up next for MadeMe, any hints at a sneaker collab in the works?
Just look for it in Jan 09…hotness.


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