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Made In Queens 1
Made In Queens 1
Made In Queens 1

Made In Queens

Since last summer a posse of Trinidadian teenagers, calling themselves Legal Intentionz, living on the dreary outskirts of Queens have been putting their DIY skills to work rebuilding old bmx bikes into enormous homemade PA-systems on wheels. These bad-boys pump out over 5000 watts each in a tight mix of everything from Shabba Ranks to Zapp & Roger, and are even more powerful than some competition-level car audio systems. It would be enough to stop traffic on Liberty Avenue if it weren’t gridlocked already. Even the subway running overhead has been rendered inaudible.

It was all peachy until April when the Legal Intentionz garage was broken into and nearly all the group’s equipment was stolen. Word on Liberty Avenue is that it was an inside job. The gear (worth over $10K) had allegedly been stolen by a jealous up-and-comer in the crew.

Legal Intentionz crew members had been keeping mum about the identity of the alleged perpetrator until the documentary crew, who has been shooting the film Made In Queens chronicling them, had their cameras rolling. Like something out of Shakespeare, the ex-member had stolen the gear in order to defect and create a new, rival stereo bike crew - with him as its leader. Meanwhile somewhere underneath the Van Wyck Expressway somebody was getting a sweet deal out the back of a van.

Was this to be the end of the original Legal Intentionz crew? Turns out audio manufacturers were hip to the crew and loved what they were doing. Eager to encourage the birth of a lucrative market, boxes and boxes of donated new gear arrived from the likes of Pioneer, JL Audio and Kinetik. The Legal Intentionz crew is ready to protect their turf. Prepare for a showdown of tinnitus-inducing proportions. It’s about to go down.

The location is Liberty Avenue. The film is MADE IN QUEENS.

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