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Losers To Launch New Collection At Kicks Lab

Thumb Losers KickslabThumb Losers Kickslab
Losers Kickslab

Don't let their self-deprecating name fool you, Japanese brand are ruling the vulc sneaker game right now, and after getting love from all over the globe they're throwing a home town party. Superb Tokyo sneaker store Kicks Lab are on board big time too, they'll be hosting the launch of Losers' at their Harajuku store. The door prizes are pretty special on this one, not just a balloon and a set of laces given to the hundredth person to walk in – the first 81 people to show up will get a free pair of new Losers sneaks! Free shoes, that's better than free beer! There will also be free beer. Damn, is this real life? The 81 number was chosen because that's what you have to dial to get through to Nippon – after a massive year of traversing the globe it seems the Losers fellas are happy to be home. It all goes down this Friday, November 15 from 6:30pm – get on down, locals.

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