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Lil B Has Created His Own Emojis

There's only one way to start this one... Thank You, Based God. The rawest rapper alive, Lil B has long been the champion of short form social media, so it comes as no surprise to see that he has been cloned and sent into Emojiland... by himself. Based God has created an Emoji app (surely with the help of some Taskforce disciples) which bears his likeness doing all kinds of swag things like wearing a crown and requesting a money loan. You can get it from iTunes for the very based price of zero dollars right now. Please take this time to revisit our very rare interview with Lil B HERE. Alternatively, if you are a questioner of the Based God's genius, you'll probably enjoy THIS article more – it was written by an SF staff member at his old job, he has yet to accept the true sanctity of Lil B. Give him time...

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