LG Refreshes Sneaker Storage with the Styler ShoeCase

There are many shoe storage options out there, but not all of them will guarantee the love and care your sneakers deserve. Now, LG Electronics have a solution for your display and storage needs: the LG Styler ShoeCase.

According to the brand, their LG Styler ShoeCase has been expertly designed for the ‘MZ generation’. They stated, ‘As the culture of collecting expensive designer, luxury and limited-edition sneakers grows among the MZ generation – Millennials and Gen Z – LG’s internal research found that these “sneakerheads” would benefit greatly from a solution that not only made their cherished shoes stand out more but also provided them with the optimal care.’

In addition to being a slick display system, which features a 360-degree rotating turntable and modular design, the cases also come fully equipped with LG’s TrueSteam tech and Zeo-Dry (which is made of the high-performance drying material, Zeolite). Together, they work to remove smells caused by wear and moisture, and up to four pairs of shoes can be refreshed in 37 minutes!

The case’s panels are also coated with an ultraviolet light absorber that helps prevent discolouration resulting from exposure to sunlight or fluorescent lighting.

Check out all of LG Electronic’s latest shoe technologies at their IFA 2022 stall at Hall 18, Messe Berlin.

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