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06 May 2009

Industry News

Levi Maestro (Knows) Interview

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Levi Maestro is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. From flipping broken boards to filming sneaker whores, one thing is for certain….. Maestro Knows. After moving to the City of Angels three years ago, Levi became known as the dude with a video camera and a smile as big as the Hollywood sign. Not waiting for any kudos, props or handouts, the Maestro took his birds-eye view of LA and created a critical cult status in a scene that was desperate for a breath of fresh Cali air. You may know him as the kid rolling around the streets in his ride, wrecking Yeezys on the court and smashing one too many burgers, but we knew there was way more to Maestro than meets the eye, so we hit him up for a quick chat to find out what exactly he knows.

Waddup Maestro, what do ya know!?
Yo, how are you Mafia? I know I like Sneaker Freaker! What up!

Explain to everyone who may not be familiar with the Maestro, just who you are and what you have done to get to this point in your life?
I direct and produce videos. I have a new show called Maestro Knows that’s a weekly look into my life and happenings in Los Angeles. I got to where I am by just creating things I liked and building relationships with people in many different circles.

What was the decision to pick up the camera and start filming?
I decided to make my own show because I would be interested to watch it if I weren’t making it, so I figured others would be interested too. I’m thankful to live in LA and be around all the dope things and people that are here, so I wanted to show everyone who’s not here, my LA.

You use a form of filming which mirrors skate and hip hop videos, with a fisheye lens, fast movement, dynamic imagery– what equipment are you using and how did you settle on this technique to film with?
Well that’s just the technique I use for Maestro Knows, but not all of my projects. I utilize a fast-paced style because I want to keep it interesting, but at the same time the episode subjects and activities vary, so I don’t expect everyone to be interested in every episode. That to me is why the show has great diversity.

How long does it take you to schedule, film, edit and then release each episode?
It kind of depends, but for the most part all the episodes are shot the same week or the day before the release. I like to keep things very current.

Indeed! Were the streetwear blogs always going to be your target audience?
No, this is just the first audience I wanted to showcase because I’m a part of it and I don’t feel like it should have the negative connotations that it sometimes does. I’m opening up this audience to new things and new people.

You’ve had Oriol Estevan and Anthony Hamilton so far... Is there any selection process as to who you work with?
Yes, every one to come on the show is someone that I have a relationship with, whether it’s personal or business or usually both.

Your life must centre around your car, eating ( In-N-Out Burger, say what!) and music – does that pretty much sum it up?
Hahah! I wouldn’t say it sums it up, but yeah I definitely spend a bit of time in the car and I do love food and music very dearly! Hahaha!

What music are you feelin’ at the moment? There was a snippet of you spitting rhymes in Episode Five with Dom Kennedy – any chance we’ll have a Maestro Flows album comin soon, ahah!
NOOO!!! No album, I don’t overstep my bounds. B.J. the Chicago Kid is the artist to be on the lookout for, he’s going to bring back real R&B again.

In terms of footwear, what floats your boat at the moment?
I think the fellas over at Gourmet are doing an awesome job, just wait for their next couple releases, they’re touching some stuff that no one else is messing with.

We are about to launch the Nike Air Yeezy down under early May, so the hype is still building over here – has it died down out there? Were you surprised with the hysteria it created?
Nah, I would say it’s for sure the most hyped about sneaker I’ve ever experienced the release of. I wasn’t surprised by the buzz, but it has gotten a little crazier than I imagined.

You’re a guy that’s ‘never not working’ – besides Maestro Knows, what else is on your plate at the moment?
I have an upcoming series with Evil Monito magazine called ‘Portraits of The Process’ that’s really going to nourish all who are within the streetwear and fashion culture.  Also working with two amazing music artists, Anthony Hamilton and B.J. the Chicago Kid.

If Maestro Knows is a ‘day in the life of Levi Maestro’ – what is the best part of your day?
The dopest part is knowing and not knowing what the day has to offer, enjoying it all.

Thanks Maestro

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06 May 2009

Industry News

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