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Legit Check Are These The Og Shattered Backboards 2
Legit Check Are These The Og Shattered Backboards Nick
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Legit Check: Are These The OG Shattered Backboards?

The ‘Shattered Backboard’ is a momentous and revered event in Jumpman folklore. The hardwood annals proclaim that on the hallowed day, the GOAT put on a one-man demonstration by almost singlehandedly tearing apart an Italian exhibition game with complete on court dominance. And as to signal that enough was enough, MJ’s heated performance culminated with a dunk-fuelled climatic shattering of the backboard that rained glass across the court and battered opponents alike.

The hazardous feat was first commemorated with a coveted Air Jordan 1 make up in ‘Starfish’ orange and black – like the uniform Jordan donned on court. This was then followed by a switched up ‘Shattered Backboard Away’ make up and then a fresh XXXI drop. Such has been the infatuation with homages that the actual pair wore on the day has almost gone forgotten – until today!

In an announcement that is sure to have some fans hyped, Jordan source  j23app has posted pictures purportedly to be the actual sneakers worn on the day. The images show an aged Jordan 1 in red and black ‘Chicago’ iteration – the same colourway that Jordan can be seen wearing in the team photo on the day. The source provides scant details but claims legitimacy by stating that the outsole clearly shows a slit or ‘glass/ cut on the bottom’. However, you’d have to show a little bit of blind faith to automatically assume this could be the only possible explanation of the nick. We’re not saying these aren’t the game-day shoes but without further verification – which at this stage seems lacking – it’s too much of a Jordan sized leap to claim these are legit with any certainty. We really hope they are though.

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